Ideas - Having a written Plex Guide Wiki instead of relying on YouTube videos |

Ideas Having a written Plex Guide Wiki instead of relying on YouTube videos

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Original poster
Apr 6, 2018
I think it would be a great idea to a have written wiki for PlexGuide/PGBlitz, instead of having it completely based on YouTube videos. I just feel that having wiki pages not even complete because a video wasn't made for them isn't really a good idea. Take for example PG Port Guard (See here for the wiki page) it says in the sidebar that it is a key component of PlexGuide. But when you visit the wiki page for it, there is nothing there, just a place holder saying that a YouTube video is "Not yet recorded". To be fair, some pages do have written text, images, and videos such as PG Shield.

I think PlexGuide is great, the support of the forums has been very helpful, it's just that the documentation such as the wiki is not fully complete, and it makes following the setup very difficult for a first time user.

I hope someone will consider my suggestion.



Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
Anyone can write and contribute to the wiki. It's difficult keeping up with parts of it because some is community added. Some people learn by videos, some people learn by reading. Heck, some do neither and google search the forums. I get feedback on both, so it really depends on you. Really new users enjoy the videos because of the extra info and comfort levels. Hardcore users prefer the reading. Writting the wiki is difficult because it can take tons and tons of snapshots. Also, the video allows people to follow along and sometimes determine if it's their box causing problems. You have to understand we code, write, record, and provide tech support all at the same time (which as all free, while donations cover roughly 50-70 percent of average montly cost). I've been reordering the wiki yesterday and remove invalid pages. Even running this forum requires tons of work (haha, eats about 20 percent of my time - bug patching, fixing, dealing with bots, and etc) Also, update the editions, but the GCE needs work :D
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Aug 9, 2018
I like both but I prefer a well written wiki any day. Just being able to crtl f or clicking a link and search what your looking for rather than keeping going through videos over and over again, it becomes tedious. Watching videos takes time also compared to reading a wiki.

Maybe ill try and help out on the wiki and write some things.
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