Discussion Having issue using traefik to forward to a non docker service.


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Feb 4, 2019
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Traefik works perfect for any docker containers, can even get it to work with third party containers. I edited the main config file as follows. It will not try to forward anything. I built a dedicated plex box instead of virtualizing since the demand has increased. Running into ssl errors trying to connect even with using ip:32400 instead of domain:32400. I have ports opened for now and its working ok but getting a lot of indirect connection errors due to the ssl errors.
I need traefik to be a reverse proxy for another local pc. Reading up this is the config I came up with but it does not even show up on the debug log for traefik when I try to access it.

insecureskipverify = true

logLevel = "DEBUG"
defaultEntryPoints = ["http", "https"]

address = ":80"
entryPoint = "https"
address = ":443"
MinVersion = "VersionTLS12"
address = ":8081"


acmeLogging = true
email = "[email protected]"
storage = "/etc/traefik/acme/acme.json"
entryPoint = "https"
provider = "godaddy"
delayBeforeCheck = "90"

main = "mydomain.com"
main = "*.mydomain.com"

url = ""
url = ""

backend = "plex"
rule = "Host:plex.mydomain.com"
backend = "cockpit"
passHostHeader = true
rule = "Host:cockpit.mydomain.com"

endpoint = "unix:///var/run/docker.sock"
domain = "mydomain.com"
watch = true
exposedbydefault = false
network = "plexguide"


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Dec 10, 2019
I have a configuration similar to yours however I created a separate file called rules.toml in the same directory as my traefik.toml file and that's where I configured my non-docker host proxy rules.

You'll need this entry in traefik.toml for rules.toml to be enabled.

#traefik.toml entry
watch = true
filename = "/etc/traefik/rules.toml"

url = ""
weight = 0

url = ""
weight = 0

backend = "backend-plex"
passHostHeader = true
rule = "Host:plex.example.com"

backend = "backend-blueiris"
passHostHeader = true
rule = "Host:blueiris.example.com"

I've attached a rules.txt in hopes to preserve the spacing in the toml file for you.



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Feb 4, 2019
Really appreciate the response, I seen where most put it in a separate file, I will try it later this weekend, Thanks!
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