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Original poster
Jul 18, 2020
join PG Jul 18, 2020 sorry took so long to intro RL is going hard and like to see how forums go before i put myself on there.
I'm Altoyda well name I use for games etc... been name I use. Altoyda come form altoids mints and with games, well let say I always had alts.
last few months I came back to linux cause of MS games and said to self let try to update media server and got looking around and ran across someone use home server with Ansible and Docker like you guys well it just was not the cake I wanted then did more work looking then came here and you had something alot did not have we rclone. Been trying it out still have some bumps in road with coding on my end cause i want things in it's place. I hope with your help I will get there.

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