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Original poster
Jun 7, 2020
Hey there PG community!

Thanks for all your hard work on this project and maintaining everything.

Been spending the last few days combing through the wiki and trying to learn as much as possible. Not new to plex/usenet, but was using a NAS for all my storage. However my 16tb is almost full so I started looking more into cloud storage which brought me here. I recently got a symmetrical 1gig connection so no time like the present to switch to the cloud.

I got PG mostly setup with TDrive and GDrive (encrypted) just had a few questions

- To get my current collection moved to the cloud is the preferred way to just copy files to /mnt/move/category or is there a better way? Just wanna make sure I'll be able to properly link everything in Sonarr/Radarr later
- Do i need both TDrive/GDrive setup? Looks like everything is getting uploaded to the Share (which is the TDrive?) Would prefer to remove GDrive as unionfs is linking all my random crap there which isnt media

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I just realized this is prob the wrong place to pose my questions, will post in the correct sub forum. But hello regardlesss!
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