Help with Creating a home server for feeding and plex server |

Help with Creating a home server for feeding and plex server

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Nov 17, 2019
I’m sorry to jump in but I’m also interested into this. I’m looking into a Hetzner server to feed and download for me. I was looking into the EX-42 NVMe as well however I don’t know if I should get additional HDD for it.

I’ve seen some config in other threads showing 2 512 GB SSD with additional HDD. Is this necessary or just the SSD and GSuite should be sufficient?
For most people I would say yes but it really depends on how much, and type of content your are loading/day. For example if you use the box for torrenting, and grab 100gb/day of old material that most likely won't get seeded back much, and you need to seed those torrents for at least a week, you'd be cutting it close.

But if you download less, primarily use Usenet, and/or grab content that is "0 day" you'll probably be fine.

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