Hetzer to home server


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Jul 31, 2019
I decided to move from hetzner to home server....
i am struggling a bit and will probably post more questions later.

but for now i need both servers up and running, however i only have 1 domain.

so i moved portainer.xxx.xx to my home server, however i would still like hetzner to be up and running.
so can i change portainer.xxx.xx to portainer02.xxx.xx?didn't see anywhere an option to do so
I can try add a local dns entry in the host file?not sure if that will work
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another question....I have a mikrotik router, and dynamic dns on:
can i just create a cname :portainer.xxx.xxx -> xxxxx.sn.mynetname.net
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Sep 12, 2019
In regards to your domain easiest way is a subdomain for example Portainer.home.mynetname.net or portainer.hetz.mynetname.net
that way can have both setup.

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