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Hetzner buffering on Media Players (not web app)

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Original poster
Feb 14, 2019
Just this afternoon my Heztner Dedi (based in Germany) server started buffering heavily on all players apart from web player and iOS. But doesn't work on TV or Media Player apps.

Current versions are:
Web App: Version 4.8.3
Server: Version
Sony Android 8.0 TV
Plex Player:

Have read around and noticed some people getting API errors due to RClone Settings:

⏫ Upload Settings Default Current
[1] BW Limit [0M]
[2] Drive-Chunk-Size 64M [128M]
[3] Transfers 8 [8]
[4] Max-Transfer 750G [750G]

⏬ Download Settings Default Current
[5] Buffer-Size 16M [16M]
[6] VFS-Read-Chunk-Size 64M [64M]
[7] VFS-Read-Chunk-Size-Limit 1024M [1024M]

? VFS Cache Mode Settings Default Current
[8] VFS-Cache-Mode writes [writes]
[9] VFS-Cache-Max-Age 1h [1h]
[10] VFS-Cache-Max-Size 100G [off]

? Misc Settings Default Current
[11] Dir-Cache-Time 5m [5m]
[12] Log-Level NOTICE [NOTICE]
[13] User Agent [rclone/v1.48]


Have I done something wrong here?

That aside, I have it setup on the Cloudflare CDN without any issues

My speedtest comes out at 280 MBPs from home.
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