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Discussion Hetzner Ex-42 with an addon 1tb NVME drive for transfer.

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Jul 2, 2018
i picked this up a few month ago and realized its a lot more powerful than i need and downgraded to an auction server. The server is 49 euros a month because of the additional 1tb NVME drive. Not really sure if you can get them to remove it to reduce the cost. I wanted to get $25 for the transfer via paypal. if you go through hetzner directly the setup fee is about $47 and if you wanted it customized it takes about 2 working days for delivery and since its thursday at the time of posting in Germany and knowing the turnaround time for orders with hetzner you probably wouldnt get it delivered until the 24th at this point. Also worth noting the server is located in the falkenstein datacenter
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Project Manager
Jun 7, 2020
tranfered ?
when yes please close thread
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