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Hetzner Ex-62 NVme or Hetzner AMD AX161

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Original poster
Feb 5, 2019
I am thinking of moving from my current Hetzner EX-61 to either an EX-62 or the AX161.

I read that there is no hardware transcoding with the AX161 but it is a very powerful processor. I need to transcode around 20-25 streams and am struggling with the current EX-61 therefore need to upgrade.

I don't need a lot of disk space either since i connect to google drive and my other hetzner server which does all the downloads etc. This would literally just be used for plex.

The difference in rental is not the issue.

I've never really used an AMD so am not sure of its performance as such.


Sep 14, 2019
Got AX41, It's a beast! I'd say it will transcode 20 streams happily.
But I'd say just get the EX52, since it is way cheaper and has an iGPU.

The AX161 has more cores but weaker cores vs other models, but has almost just the same Passmarks. Epyc CPUs are really intended for web hosting. More cores = more slots they can sell.

Since Plex uses multicore processors when it transcodes, the higher the passmark the better.the AX41 and AX51 has really high Passmarks, but since EX52 has iGPU, I think its better because the GPU can help out in the transcoding of streams.
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Original poster
Feb 5, 2019
thanks for that. I was really contemplating between them but I ended up going with EX61. Its going smooth so far. Havent hit the 20 transcodes yet but it will soon and just want to be prepared for that.


Nov 17, 2019
Did you mean ex-62? Surprised your 61 struggled with hw transcoding enabled unless you are transcoding 4k? I would imagine at 20+ transcodes your bottleneck will be more the 1gb pipe than horsepower given that it has to download from gsuite and upload to client at the same time.

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