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Original poster
Dec 27, 2019
Guys i'm looking at getting rid of my home server because att wont install fiber in my area

I'm from Houston Texas hows the playback with hetzner - i'll be using gdrive


Mar 14, 2018
I'm in the Midwest and have a server in the Helsinki data center with no issues
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Nope, I have plexguide running on one of the i7-4770(i think that's the numbers) I got from the auction. I think I am still back on V6 or 7 (been a while) since I don't really like upgrading that server as its what I consider in production and it is working. I do allow my users to transcode cause the server can handle it and most of their home connections will not support some of the direct play options at higher rates. Personally I direct play most everything and only really run into issues when the home network gets congested. The server it self runs great though I have serveral containers outside of plex running for various tasks. I do all the downloading on a GCE instance though. Recently I have been working on running jellyfin and strm files and that is showing to be quite promising. I have a relatively small group of users but have done 10-12 concurrent streams with 7-9 of those transcoding.
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