How do I leverage the Plex (ReliableSite) server for other things? |

How do I leverage the Plex (ReliableSite) server for other things?

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Original poster
Nov 17, 2018
I installed via PGBlitz when I thought that was all I wanted of the server, but I have since decided I wanted to host some other stuff (WordPress, personal portfolio FTP etc) on this site, however I am unsure how to do that with PGBlitz installed.
I looked at Traefik and it's set to have portainer as TLA (But it isn't, for some reason Sab is, which I uninstalled as it shouldn't even be on this box), but still I am being directed to Sab but getting a 502 from Nginx now.

Should I just treat this as an Nginx change, or is Traefik going to continue being a problem? (I will say my TLA -uses- to be portainer, but it isn't anymore)


Nov 17, 2019
When u go to traefik try changing your top level domain to something else, then back to wp, then deploy.

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