Discussion How do i mount my encrypted Rclone folder?

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Jul 30, 2019
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Hey guys,

First of all, thanks for developing this tool - I'm currently building it up and has most basic things working.

However, i cannot get my existing rclone encrypted files to decrypt - they show the encrypted foldernames in /mnt/unionfs and i'm pretty lost at this point.

I dont think i've included a SALT password for the encrypted folder - I just typed in the same as the original password. Would it help to move the encrypted folders around? -

Thanks in advance
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12:47 AM
Feb 24, 2018
look at the drive called /mnt/gcrypt or if you are using a team drive /mnt/tcrypt if rclone encryption keys are correct you will see the files encrypted there.

you must use the same passwords you used when you started encrypting or you are out of luck
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12:47 AM
Feb 15, 2020
I moved an encrypted file to the plexguide folder on my drive and then looked from the /mnt/gcrypt and it does not see the file.

However, I can see the encrypted file if i go through /mnt/unionfs/plexguide


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6:47 AM
Aug 30, 2018
If you used the same password twice (both for pw/salt) did you type this in twice in terms of replicating the setup?

If it doesn't work this could indicate you have the wrong decryption password. Hope you get this fixed, otherwise you are pretty much stuck. Encryption is great - when you have access and it all works smoothly :geek:

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