Discussion How to get Plex. subdomain to show in Organizr iframe?


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Jan 14, 2019
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I run Organizr as the main frontend and would love to have the local Plex container accept being rendered as an iframe, but cannot get it to work using Traefik. Latest versions of all the above software containers. For the /plex tab in Organizr I have tried both:
Both work as expected on their own, but not when called as an iframe from within Organizr. For other self-hosted apps, adding the following labels to the container usually allows Organizr to render it:
traefik.frontend.headers.customFrameOptionsValue: 'allow-from https://your-organizr-url'
traefik.frontend.passHostHeader: 'true'
But in Plex's case it doesn't work... Grateful for any help!

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