How to set up a VPN node? Or private CDN? |

How to set up a VPN node? Or private CDN?

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Original poster
Aug 9, 2018
Hi all,

I currently have a hetzner server and even with CloudFlare CDN on it seems like the routing isn't ideal and my connections to Canada can be as low as 8 Mbps and as high as 85. This huge variance means an incredibly inconsistent experience.

I was disappointed that cloudflare didn't make things better. In some cases it actually made things works. Pings from 175 to 225 and less throughout in most situations.

I've read about some individuals setting up a high bandwidth VPS to help reroute the traffic and take advantage of local peering.

How would I going about setting this up? I'm not sure about the technical technical term for this is.

I hope this makes sense. I have passable Linux experience so I am comfortable doing a lot but certainly prefer the easiest route.

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