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Discussion How to Set up Traefik with Standalone Server

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Original poster
May 15, 2020

This is my first Post and sufficient to say that i am little noob and started exploring plexguide now.

i was able to work out most of the things plexguide offers but i am stuck at Traefik deployment as it not that easy.

Please note that i am new to all this and dont have indepth knowledge on what i am doing.

Issue :

I am using Server with IP : xx.xx.xx.xx and i have a name cheap domain.

I have created my own Name Server on my server using BINDDNSServer.

1 -> The thing is if i set Custom DNS. i cant use NameCheap API for Traefik deployment as they dont support for custom DNS.
As NameCheap API giving error while acme dns challenge

2-> I tried a domain through GODADDY to check if there API also don't support or they can.
To my understanding from the failure logs,i understood that cert Token needs to be updated in DNS as TXT record. which was not updated as
my DNS is maintained by my server only.
So Again it failed.

What I feel is I can update token manually for acme-challenge but not using my DNS provider.
is there any way to fix it or maybe I don't know something which I should for fixing this issue.

Any help would be appreciated in this matter.

ALSO : I feel there should be a MANUAL So that we can set DNS Provider as Manual and update the stuff manually if
we know how to update TXT record and all. i know after every 90 days cert will expire but that wiill be a drawback but wont stop us from deploying traefik
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
The renewals are automatic so u don’t have to worry about redeployments


Original poster
May 15, 2020
Further exploring i found that acme-dns is what i need to configure as dns provider.

I am able to run acme-dns on my server. the main thing now i need to know is while setting

traefik :

where to get these 2 values from. ???

ACME_DNS_STORAGE_PATH ---- I am able to find the JSON file

but still missing ACME_DNS_API_BASE
Post automatically merged:

Update : able to successfully run Joohoi acme-dns and was able to launch with https wiith ssl certificate but when deploying traefiik its not working

Can someone help with

What should be the values for these 2 I need to put so that i can understand more where i am facing problem
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