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Ideas How to use PG for Windows??

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Original poster
May 1, 2020
I am trying to upload a few TB/day by bypassing the Google drive limit. But there is the well known 750gb limit which I want to exceed. But I think that a linux system would be too much effort to put in why I want to just use my already ready windows and combine those multiple drive accounts to bypass the limit by for example using PG. As far as I can see there is no direct solution to this wherefore I wanted to ask you guys if you knew anything to achieve the explained results. Thank you all very much.


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
no, we tried. WSL2 for windows has no systemctl system, basically... no way to run daemons... thus being unable to run services which start things. Ya, go figure Windows would nurf it.


May 20, 2018
Have you tried using the steps here:

I just did it myself and it seems to work so far... I'm still working through it though. And I'm only using it for Emby at this point but if that can install with the PG script, probably everything can? Of course, no guarantee it will all work but so far so good for me!
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One thing I've noted, however, is that the IP address changes on reboot. I'm not sure how to set a static one in WSL but I'll let you know if I find out.
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