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Discussion HSTS Browser Error When Navigating To Webpages

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Jan 14, 2019

I'm installing Traefik on a Hetzner EX42-NVME and I'm able to deploy it successfully. I made all A records correct for my domain, and the acme_challange TXT input is successfully placed in my domain DNS settings, via the API, but once the Traefik process completes, and confirms it's deployed. Problem is, when I navigate to any web pages, I'm presented with a certificate error stating the webpage is using HSTS, the webpage isn't secure and it will not load.

I've installed Plex Guide with Traefik successfully on a local machine of mine I have and on a Vultr VPS with the same domain and everything is functional. Hetzner isn't, however. I've tried a few different browsers to see if it's a browser specific issue, but no luck. Is there something I'm missing to make this work on the Hetzner and/or needed to be configured on the Hetzner server to make this function correctly?

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Chiming back in to say I've made it work by putting my nameservers for my domain on Cloudflare and using that instead.
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