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Hybrid Local/VPS with Seedbox

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Original poster
Aug 15, 2020
Hey all!.

I'm looking to retire my current NAS/KODI/MYSQL/Seedbox setup that I've been running and updating over the last 15 years to a hybrid PG setup with all media stored in GSuite.

Currently, my setup is as follows:

INTERNET: 100/40Mbps VDSL2
SEEDBOX: Seedhost.eu
STORAGE: Home built XPenology NAS with NFS/SMB shares. Approx 16TB of movies and TV episodes here.
SOFTWARE: Sonarr, Jackett, Kodi, MariaDB, Syncthing.
MEDIA DEVICES: Android TV, Android tablet, NUC running LibreElec/Kodi
DOWNLOAD METHOD: Torrent only, no Newsgroups.

My current process for automation goes like this:
1. Show is added and monitored in Sonarr
2. Jackett is used for indexing, and I have set up 4 public and 1 private tracker
3. Torrent is started in ruTorrent on Seedbox
4. Syncthing syncs the downloaded TV show to a "downloads" folder on the NAS
5. Sonarr will move the downloaded file, rename and move it to the relevant show/season folder on the NAS.
6. Sonarr then updates Kodi, which in turn updates the MariaDB database, used for keeping multiple Kodi instances synchronised.

Now in preparation for my desired setup, I've set up a new domain, DNS is in Cloudflare, I've signed up for GSuite business and have set up an unused desktop computer with PG as my "local server". The desktop is running Windows Server 2019 and PG is installed on Ubuntu 18.04 in a Hyper-V VM. 99% of media consumption will be on my local network on various devices (TVs, android tablets etc), with the occasional use externally while away on holiday.

I've successfully set it up so far that I can add a new show, and automatically trigger the download on Seedhost. I've also managed to get Syncthing to sync from Seedhost to /mnt/unionfs/sabnzbd/Series on my "local server" Remote mapping is working and the downloaded episode is correctly named and moved to my Team drive.

What I'd now like to do is somehow eliminate the need to download the episodes (and later movies) to the "local server" and instead get them to go straight to the Team drive, saving both download and upload on my VDSL connection. If I can nail this, I'll start re-downloading the bulk of my shows in a better quality than what's on my current NAS, and anything I can't get again I'll upload from the NAS.

Essentially I'd prefer to run as much locally as I can, but if I need to have a VPS hosted to handle the downloading and management, that's fine. I'm ok to replace the seedbox if the VPS can do the job too, but I'd like to keep Plex/JellyFin/Emby/Whatever local.

I've had a fair look around the forums, reddit etc but really can't get my head around this step - anyone able to help please?


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