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I'm sure im missing something

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Original poster
Aug 3, 2020
I recently purchased a server from Hetzner. Usually I would just fumble through and figure it out, but since it seems that everything is well documented, I hoped someone could help me figure out how to set up the server from the start. Everything I see shows to start with proxmox. Is this better than just loading ubuntu straight away? Is there a reason not to use ubuntu and just load everything the way the tutorials say?

Obviously I am new to this, but I want to start on the best foundation. Is there a tutorial that shows how to start from knowing absolutely nothing?


Nov 17, 2019
I did what you are saying, straight ubuntu. Go to your hetzner robot control panel, reboot to rescue, note the root PW. Ssh to box with root. Type "installimage"
Chose Ubuntu 18.04 minimal. At the config screen is where you setup raid if you want it. I set mine up as raid enabled and raid type 1 (mirrored) as I don't need the space but want easy recovery from a drive failure. Most people do raid enabled plus raid type 0 (striped) to combine the space into one large drive and faster reads/writes, but no fault tolerance.

Scroll down to the partition section. I recommend deleting the line /home ext4 all and setting the previous line to / ext4 all so you don't have the bulk of your space partitioned to the /home path, this way it will be one large drive for any path.

You can also scroll up and set your hostname here if you want, or you can change it later. Then hit f10 I think to exit and save. It will load ubuntu and reboot, then you can login with root, create your account, add your account to sudo and video:

adduser username
(Follow prompts)
usermod -aG sudo username
usermod -aG video username
usermod -aG video root

Probably a good time to change root password to:
passwd root

Then log out and login with your new username.

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install git wget curl -y

I also recommend updating kernel to 5.4:

cd ~/
mkdir temp
cd temp

wget -c https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-p....4.0-050400_5.4.0-050400.201911242031_all.deb

wget -c https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-p...0-generic_5.4.0-050400.201911242031_amd64.deb

wget -c https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-p...0-generic_5.4.0-050400.201911242031_amd64.deb

wget -c https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-p...0-generic_5.4.0-050400.201911242031_amd64.deb

sudo dpkg -i *.deb


Once host is back up you can install pg. If you have a gpu/igpu I recommend going to the pg tools menu and enabling GPU support first, then rebooting again before setting up the rest of pg.
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