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Discussion Install PGBlitz GCE

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Original poster
Dec 11, 2018
Hey - Hope all is well.

Looking for some advice/help if possible. I have been using Plexguide / PGBlitz now since December 2018. My install has been fine and over time have the need to move to GCE. I have a GSuite account and also registered for GC Platform.

I am trying to deploy GC instance using the options from my current PGBlitz install on premise (Version: 8.5.8).

After launching PGBlitz;

[8] PG Cloud : GCE & Virtual Instances
1 - Cloud Instance: Google (Blitz ~ GCE Edition)
[1] Utilize BlitzGCE - PlexGuide's

It runs the script however takes me to the 'PG GCE Deployment ~ http://pggce.pgblitz.com' prompt with the following information in log.

/opt/blitzgce/functions/main.sh: line 31: gcloud: command not found

I choose;
1. Log Into the Account :

Which returns;

/opt/blitzgce/blitzgce.sh: line 58: gcloud: command not found
/opt/blitzgce/functions/main.sh: line 31: gcloud: command not found

Am going about this incorrectly? Any help on this would be appreciated.



I would upgrade to 8.6.5 as that's likely a 8.5 bug. It's also has faster playback.

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