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Discussion Is it possible to have Normal SSD install on GCE instance ?

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Original poster
May 30, 2020
Hello, this is my first post and I am new to plexguide. I am trying to install plexguide on google cloud instance but I would like to install it with just google drive edition. The installer currently detects the GCE instance and makes nvme mandatory. I am trying to save cost by not installing nvme. Is it possible ?


Google Cloud Feeder Edition Failed!

⚡ Google Cloud Instance Detected, but you Failed to setup an NVME
drive per the wiki! This mistake only occurs on manual GCE
deployments. Most likely you setup an SSD instead! The install will
continue, but this will fail! Wipe the box and setup again with an
NVME Drive!
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Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
You can but we coded this in because it's much faster. The savings are very small. Remember, you can create another account and get $300 free credit again, even on a free google account. But I have to admit, using google cloud normal for other stuff :D good way for them to latch us on against amazon :D
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