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Discussion Is it worth starting over?

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Original poster
Feb 15, 2019
Hi guys,

I know I shouldn't have messed about with the server (if it ain't broke, don't fix it!) ...but I broke my server by redeploying Traefik. Turns out my CF settings were old (wildcard used when i set it up on a free account) ....Long story short, portainer doesn't open

? Portainer Check: FAILED!
SMART TIP: Check Portainer Now! View the Traefik Logs!

REASON 1 - CloudFlare: portainer is not set in the CNAME or A Records
REASON 2 - DuckDNS : Forgot to create a portainer or * - A Record
REASON 3 - Firewall : Everything is blocked
REASON 4 - DelayValue: Set too low; CF users reported using 90 to work
REASON 5 - OverUse : Deployed too much; hit LetsEncrypt Weekly Limit
REASON 6 - User : PG Locally; Route is not enable to reach server
REASON 7 - User : Bad values input or failed to read the wiki
REASON 8 - User : Forgot to point DOMAIN to CORRECT IP ADDRESS

Should I try to fix this, or is it worth switching over to 9.00 ?

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