Ombi - Is SSD+HDD combination best for heavy torrent user? |

Ombi Is SSD+HDD combination best for heavy torrent user?

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Original poster
Oct 24, 2018
I'm looking at a 1x120GB and 2x3TB box from Hetzner. On a 2x2TB box I had I found my diskio was constantly backlogged when downloading files. I'm hoping having the small SSD will ease this.

I imagine I'll install the OS on the SSD and have ruTorrent autotools move completed files to the HDDs to seed long term, letting PG shuttle the files to gdrive to be streamed from there. I'm not clear exactly what order this would all happen in, and would appreciate insight on if this is going to work or if it's even desirable.

File sizes I deal with are 3GB-20GB.

Should I pursue this SSD change?


Aug 9, 2018
I am using a SSD + 2 HD combo from Hetzner. The way I did it was install main OS on SSD like you say. I didnt do any raid config in Hetzners installimage thing. I just rearrange the disk numbers so it just Installed onto SSD.

I then in unbuntu raid 0 the two HD's with mdadm following this guide

I just changed the name of my new mount to /storage. Then In portainer I changed rutorrent /downloads path from /mnt/rutorrent to /storage/torrents. To use this method you also need to add extra paths to raddar and sonarr like here

Then you would need to add remote paths to sonarr and radarr settings so they see the downloaded files like here.

Its working great this less IO on disks and I can run NZB's and torrents without to much performance hit. Only problem with this setup is that you have no raid 1 in case a drive fails.
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Feb 2, 2019
Just wanted to fill in I'm doing something similar - but using the --bind option with mount to tie a drive to specific mount points. I've got an SSD (256 GBs) and an HDD (2 TBs) in my server (it splits time as a windows gaming box, though that's obviously not ideal since everything else goes down. Anyway) and I basically have the HDD mounted to /mnt/media, and then bound (with the mount --bind option) to /mnt/downloads and /mnt/move. In NZBGet I have downloads initially hit the SSD at /mnt/incomplete, and then when they're unpacked/finished they move to the HDD at /mnt/downloads. Then Arr moves them to the UnionFS drive but parks them in /mnt/move - which is also on the HDD so it's 1) almost instant, 2) doesn't involve a copy, and 3) doesn't take anymore space up on the SSD.

So the only thing that really takes "storage" on the SSD is my PMS library, a few websites I have hosted, and files actively downloading. As long as my unpack queue doesn't get too big, I'm good to go (and I've got dual xeon E5-2670s churning away at'm good to go).


Reinstall OS
Mount the Hdd as /mnt not any else
And then install PG
Assists Greatly with Development Costs


Feb 2, 2019
MrDoob, was that in response to OP or me? I enjoy having the incomplete files on the SSD and downloads on the HDD...I think it increases speed since I'm not trying to write two separate files to the HDD at the same time. Thoughts?
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