Issues with rutorrent-vpn |

Issues with rutorrent-vpn

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Original poster
Sep 3, 2019
I'm new to using PlexGuide and have come across that there are container images available for torrent clients connecting out through a VPN tunnel using OpenVPN.
However after trying both the rutorrent-vpn and qbittorrent-vpn containers without any success I've come here to the forums in an attempt to get help. I came across a post with
someone having the exact same issue as I've come across.

However it seems there is yet to be a solution for this issue/error. I make this post in the hopes that someone knows how to resolve this issue.


May 26, 2019
Qbittorrent-vpn container is working for me, for starters it was a little clunky....
You have to run the container once, put the ovpn files and cert on the correct folder on /opt/appdata/qbittorrent-vpn/openvpn/

Then you change the environment variables (mainly, to enable the vpn, your user and password from the vpn provider, as well some configurations if you use pia and AirVpn (as stated on, and also I disabled the PRIVOXY ).

After that almost everything was working (I started with debug to see everything)
But sometimes the interface was unresponding (with gateway error/timeout) , then I saw some configurantion of traefik labels was problematic
It was showing the site and domain twice,

After deleting the second one... everything stayed smoothly (so far)


May 26, 2019
Just to complement, after a while, something in the config starts to go awry and traefik starts to get gateway timeout.
I'm not experienced in traefik to know if something different has to be made when I deploy the container (besides the labels).
I'll read and educate myself on that later, for now I'll keep of the torrents, those linux isos can wait.
One possible scenario I'll consider would be using an seedbox to keep seeding where is necessary, and connect to the gsuite there with some scripts for uploading.
As I'm fairly new, the intake of data (of the old stuff) is kinda hard even with 4+ different backbones on the usenet.

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