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Jellyfin remote connect

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Original poster
Apr 26, 2020
Hey everyone,

Just wondering if someone could be give me a hand please with how to get Jellfyin to remotely connect through PG. I ran it through community apps, and mapped all the drives. Locally, it is working great. Even added in the ebook section no issues. When I try and jump into it remotely though, I am running into issues. I have added the port I am using to my router and to Jellyfin network settings but it does not want to seem to connect. That is pretty much the extent of my knowledge too unfortunately..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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For anyone else trying to do this or having issues with remote connections, please try the following in Jellyfin 10.6.4:

In Jellyfin, go to Admin > Dashboard > Advanced > Networking.

Under the Networking tab replace:
  1. 'Server Address Settings' > Local HTTPS port number to '9096'.
  2. 'Remote Access Settings' > Public HTTPS port number to '9096'.
If applicable: In your router settings, set up a port forwarding rule for Jellyfin to port '9096' WAN/LAN. Depends on router model.

You should then be able to connect to Jellyfin remotely when using cellular data or other networks outside your own by directing to your WAN IP address followed by the port number eg This will work in a remote connection via the Jellyfin apps as well.
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