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KVM help, port problems.

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Original poster
Aug 5, 2018
Hey guys, Stupidly I signed up for SupremeVPS (horrible company) for a KVM.. 7.33/month...... Anyway their knowledgebase literally has 4 items it in, so I am stuck pushing tickets to tech support (which I hate to do). So I guess i need to ask them to open the ports I am going to need for PG blitz, right? Can anyone explain how the firewalling generally works with a hosted server. I have followed Admins GCE server instructions (BTW thank you Admin, you and the rest of the people that put this together are amazing) and it seems like the firewall and NAT-ing was left up to the user to configure... I am going to see if can get a refund, since its been such a nightmare with these people. Its crazy with all the great advice and suggestions on this site, I chose to go with some random a** bootleg company.. Mostly because I really cant allocate too much money towards this.. so 88/yr sounded good (you really get what you pay for)..

Here is what i asked them... 1.How do I open ports to allow traffic through? Are the kvm fire walled? Any documentation on console would be helpful..?????

Their response was: What ports are you need to open? Please mention the ports. Yes, our KVM servers are well secured with firewall. We don't have any documentation for console access.

Thanks C

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