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Original poster
Feb 21, 2019
I am really impressed with this PGBlitz setup! Just wanted to note that because I am inexperienced with all this stuff and am having fun setting it all up. I have run into a couple of issues. I noted one in response to another user's question regarding setting up the emby liveTV dvr. I ran into the same problem. With Plex, I set up live tv and it records into my designated folder. With Emby, no such luck. No matter what I try I get the "write access" error each time.

The other question I have is with this PGTrakt. When I go into that option it appears to be be something else (Plex token generation?) I don't think setting up a plex token is related so I just backed out of it and figured I'd ask here...


Project Manager
Jan 17, 2018
did you ever get figured :D

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