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Original poster
Oct 25, 2018
When using a speedtest from my home device to the hetzner dedi I am able to max out my home connection speed of 300mb down.. but when watching on plex and watching the plex dashboard and netdata it seems it spikes to maybe 70mb tops and hovers around 35mb the rest of the time, which results in buffering starting around 1min into video (its 4k).

I have tried adjusting vfs settings in pgblitz but seems to have made no difference at all. I am using cloudflare as cdn as well. I tried increasing buffer from 16 to 64 to 512 and vfs read chunk from 64 to 128 to 1024 and doesn't seem to make any difference after redeploying the drive.

Wondering if anyone here has some experience or advice.


Mar 7, 2018
You're going to see differences in results from speedtest vs what the dashboard shows, etc. Their measurements are built for different purpose. The plex server is doing far more than the speedtest. It simply isn't a comparison data point, but both are good data points to have. Not going to dive into the weeds, but the file being played and the client playing it and it;s method of connecting to your lan are weaker links and probably factors in more.

i have my vfs settings as default values and seems to be a good middle ground, no real playback issues when factoring in the clients and adjusting on the client side appropriately.
Also I think you have a misunderstanding in regards to cfs more important purposes (security/privacy and easy free dns management) and don't realize when setup per the way we suggest shouldn't be causing any form of media to be cached into their cdn. In fact, if you have purposefully set it so that it is caching media files into the cdn, when not paying for it - prepare for a surprise, you won't be doing so for very much longer. CF will shut ya down.

The hard fact might be that you won't be able to direct play/stream your 4k remux from Berlin to LA flawlessly, especially with a s*hit client over wifi.
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