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Original poster
Jun 6, 2019
Has anyone messed around with the MariaDB install much? Things I am looking to improve:

Backups - It looks like everything will get dropped in to the PGROLE/config directory which means it will get backed up if you want, but it would only be crash consistent backups. I think maybe an automatic dump of all the databases once a day in a subdirectory that falls under the PGROLE/Config with an every other day rotation would cover that.

Management - I am fairly comfortable with creating databases etc with the CLI but having a gui to visualize/manage is a lot easier. Is anyone running a yml for any of the common MariaDB/MySQL gui solutions like phpmyadmin or mysqlbench?

I am specifically interested in using it to run Piwigo but I know there are a number of containers in community that use a MySQL/MariaDB backend.

Also, what is the reasoning behind having the external port be 6603 instead of the default 3306?
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