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Discussion Merging external drive into unionfs

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Original poster
Mar 13, 2018
I’m trying to add a usb drive to the union fs folder so plex can see it. I have successfully tested this fear of pgblitz before how ever now I’m not having any luck when i hit view it shows the path is recognized as a mount point but nothing is there when I look in unionfs. Is this feature now broken ? I’ve even tried doing it with a simple folder on my computer just to make sure but still no success can anyone verify or help me out .


Nov 17, 2019
Are you using the option in the PG menu to add a path to unionfs?
When you say you are not seeing it, do you mean in the container, or both container and host?

When you add a new mount, containers generally need to be restarted to see the mount. If your not seeing it on the host either, try stopping your containers, sudo systemctl restart pgunion, start containers. Can you see it now?

Also make sure the permissions on the drive are open to you. I.e. sudo chown -R Your username:YourUsername /path/to/usbhdd

Note this will make your account the owner of all contents on the drive if it has existing content.

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