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Discussion /mnt/gcrypt empty but rclone drive is good

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Original poster
May 8, 2018
I recently upgraded to latest after a year of not doing so. Using pgmove encrypted. RClone is properly mounting gdrive and decrypting it, but not populating the /mnt/gcrypt/ folder.

In addition to this /mnt/unionfs/ contains /mnt/move and an unencrypted copy of my gdrive.

Any help would be appreciated!


Nov 17, 2019
It won't encrypt the existing content of your G drive, you'll need to move that content to the gcrypt side of the house. In mnt/gcrypt make your folder structure, then those folders should show up in unionfs. You will then need to move your content into those folders, which requires rclone to download, encrypt and upload each file, so it will count against your 750gb limit.

Some others have mentioned that using Google cloud servers are immune to these limits, so use the $300 credit new account Google cloud credit for this. I have not found this to be the case though as my move stopped at 750gb, but maybe I'm missing some key step. :)

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