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Discussion Mount a Gdrive folder not the whole Gdrive

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Original poster
Jan 19, 2020
I noticed that when use the pg clone, it mount the root folder of the gdrive to local. So the directory (movies, music, tv) appear in my root folder of my gdrive.
Now I want the organize them to a specified fold such as "Media" folder in my gdrive.

Can this be done? How to do that? Can anyone help me? thanks. maybe some others may face the same problem.

# I am considering if this will work. but I haven't done yet because I don't know if this will damage the pgblitz folder structure then I will lose the data.
#the option is that I find the mount config file: /etc/systemd/system/gdrive.service, I can directly change the configuration to mount "gdrive:/Media".
#Now I'm asking to know will this work? Can I do this?

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