Mounting Rclone on secondary windows machine |

Mounting Rclone on secondary windows machine

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Original poster
Jan 10, 2019
Hi guys,

Long time user but first time poster. This isn't really a PGblitz problem but regards rclone (sorry if it's in the wrong sub-forum).

I have PGblitz running on a local machine which is currently samba to share the union mount to a windows client (only needs read-only access). This is kinda round-about method of accessing the files and would like to reduce resource use.

I'm looking to use rclone on windows to mount the gdrive/tdrive to my windows client so it doesn't have to go through the PGblitz server in the first place. I attempted to do this by simply copying the rclone.conf from the server to the windows client. After running the command and mounting the drive everything appears to work fine, however, after an hour or so (with plex scanning - all metadata/make thumbnails unchecked) I start getting: Error 403: Download quota has been exceeded errors and the windows drive can no longer be used.

I know PGBlitz does about 1 million things automagically to prevent things like this which isn't there when I just mount it in windows with rclone.

Does anybody have any advice or ideas about how to fix this?
Or suggestion on mounting the PGBlitz created files gdrive/tdrive within windows (read-only or write access/ it doesn't matter) without going through the PGBlitz server?

Rclone settings:
–allow-other --buffer-size=2048M --drive-chunk-size=32M --vfs-cache-mode=writes --tpslimit=5 --timeout=1h --dir-cache-time=96h

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and thanks everybody for being part of this awesome community!
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Apr 18, 2020

Sorry to necro an old thread but I'm also wondering what the best practice is when mounting an encrypted Gdrive on a desktop (macos in my case).

Like OP, I have a copy of the conf; is it just a case of figuring what the best mount options are?

Has anybody had any success with this?


Mar 19, 2018

I wrote this for others to try, I'm not familiar with Mac so I can't help directly but just make sure if you're going to use the mount for a media server, ensure you point it at the mergerfs mount, not the rclone mount like OP probably did.
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