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Discussion Move data from local server (linux, lxc)

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Original poster
Sep 11, 2019
Quick tip if you have an existing server running a somewhat recent flavour of linux.

I had a large amount of data in my libraries and needed to somewhat quickly get the data uploaded.
What I did was create an lxc container and install pg in that. Since I am running proxmox on top of debian the following applies to that but read
and you can probably figure it out for raw lxc.
Or install proxmox...either way.

Edit the lxc config file and add
lxc.mount.entry: /dev/fuse dev/fuse none bind,create=file
as you need the fuse-device or pg wont work. (Never do this under normal circumstances as this is a bad thing to do, breaks a few things)

Make sure you got the proper permissions for all your data. pg will want to move the data, that is copy + delete.
As I could not not be bothered I just did
chmod -R 777 /mnt/media

Add the mount points to the config file
mp0: /mnt/media/movies,mp=/mnt/move/movies
next is mp1, then 2 ...

Start the container and you should now have your existing media library mounted in the folder pg will monitor and automatically upload from.
Maybe, just maybe give it a dry run on something less important and verify the file uploads ok. Or dont.
It worked fine for me.

Performance is pretty much as high as it can get. The data is not moved anywhere except directly to google.

You could of course just install pg directly on the server but I had plenty of other things there that I did not want to accidentaly mess up.

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