Discussion Move Tdrive to Gdrive - How to make?


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Nov 15, 2018
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I've been using PGBlitz for a while, but I've never actually used all Tdrive services. This week I decided to install sonarr and radarr on the Plex server and made the settings as follows.

qBittorrent configured as follows:
Temporary folder: / home/myuser/temp
Final Folder: /home/myuser/torrents

I'm using it this way because the system root is low on space and I had to use / home as it's the partition with the most space.

Sonarr and Radarr pointed to /mnt/unionfs/MyFolder/TVShows and /mnt/unionfs/MyFolder/Movies
/ home/myuser/torrents to read the files and rename.

Everything works perfectly, the file is downloaded, the sonarr and radarr renames and after this comes my doubt.
When he goes to copy, as I am using Tdrive with 2 keys, he plays the final file for Tdrive and not for my gdrive really, but I have access normally by Plex because everything is in unionfs.

The question is, I don't know how to transfer files from Tdrive to gdrive, is this manual?

Sorry for the question, I didn't really use it that way.

Thank you!


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Feb 2, 2019
Why would you want to move files from TDrive to GDrive? You're able to set up Plex Media Server with PlexGuide so it pulls everything from TDrive. The GDrive is just for backups and the like.


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Jan 17, 2018
I have a nightmarish amount and cannot reach it. Somewhere in PG9, there may be a solution to mount multiple team drives.

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