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Discussion Moving 100TB Encrypted from gdrive to tdrive

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Original poster
Feb 15, 2020
I have been using rclone only for the past year on a server to upload to an encrypted gdrive mount. I have amassed just over 100TB of data. However, recently rclone has been failing to send out data fast enough to stream. A friend of mine turned me on to this wonderful creation.

However, even after reading multiple posts. I am not sure the best way to move my encrypted data from gdrive to tdrive but still allow pgbiltz to be able to read it. Would this even be possible since it uses rclone and that's what I used to encrypt the data?

If so, how would do this?
If not, what would be best way to move all this data?

Thanks for the help!


Mar 5, 2019
Don't think is has anything to do with the 750gb limit on GDrive. If the problem is the speed to stream your data.

What setup are you using? VPS/Dedicated? Location?
Have you tried testing the upload speed from your server to you and the speed from gdrive to your server?


Apr 12, 2018
Sharp, I believe I am in a similar situation but want to clarify.
I have several TB of data stored in an unlimited GDrive that I want to move to a TDrive in order to bypass the daily upload limit. Are you trying to do something along the same lines?
I don't have a solution yet, and just started looking for the answers to my questions. I have attempted to use the CLI interface to setup a secondary RClone mount to the TDrive, but the instructions are out of date and no longer work.


Nov 17, 2019
just drag and drop your my drive/ecrypt folder to your team drive, then in pgblitz redeploy the drive as team drive encrypted, use the same passwords.

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