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Aug 5, 2019
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Hey so first of all wonderful stuff everyone who as worked on here has done, been playing around for the last week or so and everything's been going great! I am finally confident that this is the route I'd like to go forward and initially thought I should use PGBlitz Encrypted, however since then I think I've changed my mind and will probably redo my setup with unencrypted. I understand I will need to re-download anything I already had thrown into my team drive which is fine but I'm a little fuzzy on how exactly I should go about doing that.

Part two of this endeavor is another beast, my local drive has 30+TB of stuff I'd like to transfer and most of it I think I'd rather re-download without uploading from here, but there is some stuff that's not as easily accessible on the webs that I want to upload at my measly 50mbps connection. The main reason I'm planning on swapping to unencrypted is I feel it will be easier to accomplish without the encryption unless I'm mistaken. Looking at about a 5TB upload from home which will take some time of course but if that's the case my concern is I'm going to be uploading from home and the remote server at the same time will that cause me any headaches with the 750gb limit or should my home upload be set from my gsuite while the remote is done via the other "shared" connections?

Any thoughts or advice on the best setup for this would be greatly appreciated, I'd like to get all my ducks in a row before I jump in!


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Jan 17, 2018
You could run a test with hetzner cloud and pay very little. If you search, there are scripts and info to what your asking indirectly


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Dec 8, 2018
Unfortunately you'll need to upload all your files semi-manually at best. Just move a bunch of folders into the rclone upload folder and let them upload in the background. You can monitor with pgui. Once they're done repeat until all your content is uploaded.

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