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Nov 4, 2018
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I've been trying to setup namecheap+cloudflare but I just can't make it work. I searched the forum, checked some threads, and I still failed. I've been at it for at least an hour or so and the headache is killing me..

Can someone help me out?

Let's say my domain is xxx.club

1) I added cloudflare dns to namecheap settings.

My cloudflare settings


I added API keys.

When i tried to deploy it I got this:

Portainer Check

NOTE 1: Do NOT EXIT this interface. Please standby for validation checks!

NOTE 2: Checking on https://portainer.xxxxx.club's existance.
Please allow 10 seconds for portainer to boot up.

NOTE 3: Be aware that simple mistakes such as bad input, bad domain, or
not knowing what your doing counts for 75% of the problems.

StandBy - Portainer Validation Checks: 0 Seconds

? Portainer Check: FAILED!
SMART TIP: Check Portainer Now! View the Traefik Logs!

REASON 1 - CloudFlare: portainer is not set in the CNAME or A Records
REASON 2 - DuckDNS : Forgot to create a portainer or * - A Record
REASON 3 - Firewall : Everything is blocked
REASON 4 - DelayValue: Set too low; CF users reported using 90 to work
REASON 5 - OverUse : Deployed too much; hit LetsEncrypt Weekly Limit
REASON 6 - User : PG Locally; Route is not enable to reach server
REASON 7 - User : Bad values input or failed to read the wiki
REASON 8 - User : Forgot to point DOMAIN to CORRECT IP ADDRESS

There are multiple reason for failure! Visit the forums, wiki, or discord!
Acknowledge Info | Press [ENTER]

? Traefik Process Failed!
SMART TIP: When fixed, rerun this process again!

NOTE 1: Possibly unable to reach subdomains
NOTE 2: Subdomains will provide insecure warnings

How can I check traefiks logs?

I can connect to portainer.xxx.club but i get a warning about the certificate

Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for portainer.xxx.club. The certificate is only valid for zzzzzz.traefik.default.


PS What rules am I supposed to create for cloudflare? What url should I use?

Thank you
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Mar 7, 2018
read this thread -
read this wiki-

get rid of the wildcard unless you were just testing, click the grey clouds to make em orange.

that should get you started

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