Sonarr - Need a bit of help with relocating where sonarr finds media |

Sonarr Need a bit of help with relocating where sonarr finds media

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Original poster
Apr 3, 2020
So,I have 2 drives outside of where I installed PG. I have successfully pointed plex to them (they are not located at /mnt, but rather at /disks/c and /disks/b) with the help of a linux guru. Rather than ask him for help again, perhaps the community can help me out? All of the perms are fine for sonarr and the like. My thought is that sonarr doesn't see them outside of the container in docker?

Here's what he said of plex not finding the drives:

PG installs everything into Docker containers where Plex sees the directory /mnt/ as /mnt/ on the host system

As the disks were in /disks/ it would be impossible for the Plex docker container to see the drives.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Move the mountpoints on the host system to somewhere under /mnt/
  2. Do it the proper way, and use PG’s UnionFS system to mount /disks/b and /disks/c to /mnt/unionfs
We went with the second option. It turned out that multi-disk unionfs was already configured however the paths were set to /dev/sdb2 and /dev/sdc2. To fix it the paths were updated to /disks/c and /disks/b which ultimately solved the problem.

Having said that... I have no idea how to do this. Help?
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turns out, it's just sonarr. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it's not working I got an error that said folder is not writeable by user root. also got this from portainer:

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Jul 8, 2018
Seems very specific, i'd ask your guru again.

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