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Discussion New Build - Google rate limit exceeded

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Original poster
Jul 5, 2019
So I am a brand new user and know less about PG than anyone on the face of the earth. I set up my Tdrive, and Sonarr and Radarr..

I had radarr reading my folder structure from /mnt/tdrive to import into radarr. Radarr will of course move completed NZB downloads back to here, which works well until you hit the limit. Is there a different directory I need to be using to make the 20 account thing work?

I tried pointing to /mnt/unionfs/tdrive and received the same behavior.


Please read this thread

And you will find the error of your system.

The remote mapping is wrong.

See the pic below for radarr/sonarr
That's for the download client.


For the movies please use


For the tv shows please use


In unionfs is

TDrive /w and /wo encrypted
GDrive /w and /wo encrypted

In one build

So don't use

/mnt/tdrive * /mnt/tcrypt
/mnt/gdrive * /mnt/gcrypt

for nothing ;)

Only use the /mnt/unionfs/*folder-name

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