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Discussion New GCE Instance - "Violation of TOS" Warning

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Original poster
Nov 17, 2018
Anyone gotten this before? I just setup a new instance and ran a backup, and noticed the site was down 30 minutes later and saw.

This project has received a warning.

I'm not using anything different than I have in my last 10 builds, perhaps GCE is starting to flag PG, or at the very least newsgroups/torrent software?

UPDATE: I contested it and got a detailed email.

Resources associated with your project {redacted} are being suspended for cryptocurrency mining in violation of our Terms of Service.

Is PG mining on installs now? I didn't have any downloads going so I am not concerned with it being SAB/Deluge.
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Project Manager
Jun 7, 2020
how many CPUS ?
how many RAM ?

check it over htop

never run 100% constant on a GCE ..

Google will detect it as crypto miner when the CPU is running constant on 100% fullused
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