Intro - New here - Trying to improve my nzb success rate |

Intro New here - Trying to improve my nzb success rate

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Original poster
Jun 24, 2020
I've been using geek, and su for a long time, along with a handful of other freebies with limited API calls, and would really like to get less failures by getting an invite to one of the top tier indexers like omg, IN, etc. I have a slow internet connection, so going through a bunch of failed downloads to find a successful one is a big time suck,.

I joined because I was able to view the invites forum publicly... But now that I've joined it says I don't have permission. Is that a mistake? Or something that gets opened up after my 5 posts?

Thanks! please feel free to PM me if you have an invite for a top tier indexer.
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Also, I tried to make a post in VPN & Security, but it seems to have disappeared. Do I need special permissions to post there? it was a rather long post, and I'd rather not re type it :)
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