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Nov 1, 2018


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Google Drive to Google Drive copies WITHOUT downloading - now with rclone - Over 4GB/sec
As many of you may have seen, a new version of rclone was recently released.

I'm guessing this may have been in some of the beta branches for a while or I'm guessing that some people will know about this and some people won't. I know when I went searching out on google for how to do this, it wasn't anywhere, so I'm hoping this will help out many people. (sorry for those whom this is already obvious to).

But, with this new version of rclone, one can truly do copies from Google Drive (GDrive) to Google Drive and it will support things like auto resume and won't try to recopy files, etc. It's so easy.

As I mention in my comments in the rclone released post (link above):

I got just over 4.1 GB/sec doing copies between a "shared with me" GDrive link and my own "unlimited" GDrive.

That't right, and not a typo.

This means if someone has something on a GDrive and all you have is the public link that gets you to a link of their files, you can now copy directly to your own GDrive without downloading them first. This means that you don't have to worry about those files "going away" before you download them. They are now safe and sound on your own GDrive and you can download them at your own leisure. It literally only takes 3 minutes flat to copy 750GB from GDrive to Gdrive before you run into your daily quote. Pretty cool. rclone is amazing.

See image for proof of the copy speeds:

GDrive to GDrive copy - 4.1GB/s

The syntax and steps couldn't be easier:

1.)Get your GDrive link from another person or posting that you want to copy

2.)Use the "--drive-shared-with-me" rclone flag once you've opened the other persons link while logged into your own GDrive account - or - select the top level folder you wish to copy and click "Add to My Drive" (note if you do this last approach, you shouldn't use the --drive-shared-with-me flag, as it will show up as a standard folder on your drive, just like the ones you actually create) . For the sake of this example, lets call this directory "ISOs" that I added using "Add to My Drive".

3.) Config rclone's GDrive endpoint in the standard way; use the instructions here if you aren't familiar.

4.) Create your own folder that you will copy the other persons files into (lets call it "MyFolder" for this example)

5.) Literally copy one folder to another using rclone as below:

6. ) rclone copy :nameofGDriveConfig:/ISOs :nameofGDriveConfig:/MyFolder -v

(the -v will add some verbosity so you can see the files being copied in real-time - if you don't wish to see these, remove the "-v" and rclone will provide summaries by default every minute.) In about 3 minutes, the number of files flying by will screech to a halt. That's fine, just do a control-c and come back in 24 hours and hit the up arrow and it will automatically resume where it left off. No recopying. It's amazing. Wait 3 minutes, rinse/repeat. Truly a game changer. Let me know if there's any other questions. And again, sorry for those who already knew this, but I think many did not based on reading responses of other "Gdrive to Gdrive without downloading" posts that I could find.

Edit: oh, one other thing. For those who aren’t aware, “copying” files in Gdrive from another shared folder account means that source files you are copying aren’t subject to those annoying Google Drive “Quota Exceeded. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently.” limitations. So this is a way to still be able to “download” the files. First get them all to your Gdrive, and then download locally, if you wish.


For better reading per mobile .

The color code is wrong.
We must fix this.


So first *
Never share your drive
Second *
Never share your drive
Third *
Never share your drive

You hit each limit

Download or Upload .
So mirrorn a drive is possible , but we never add this !!
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