New Script - Limit user account sharing and blacklist IPs (Tautulli IP Enforcer) |

New Script - Limit user account sharing and blacklist IPs (Tautulli IP Enforcer)

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Original poster
Jul 23, 2020
Afternoon all. I'm new to the forum. Read plenty of it but never signed up until now.

A little while back I got a friend to create a plex account and linked it to my account and told him not to share his creds with anyone. However he did which I noticed in the Tautulli logs. This brought me to wanting to have the ability to either blacklist IPs (the one of the other user until they spoke to me) or set a limit on concurrent streams for that username based on their unique IP address so I made it.

Basically you can either set a username in a config file, with a number of unique IPs that user can have streaming at one time. If it goes over that limit all their streams end with a message notifying of excessive account sharing and to consider getting another account. Also you can put an IP address directly in to a config file to have a users stream end every time it starts if they are on that IP address.

The message that is sent for either the concurrent enforcement or the blacklisted IP can be set to what ever you like.

It uses Tautulli for controlling the streams as I like their API and Im classing this project as being in its first stage of beta and may require a little computer know how to set it up but I hope I have documented it well enough. Hopefully with some feedback and testing it can be something that can help those that are looking for this.

- D

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