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Ideas NFS Drive for /mnt directory

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Original poster
Sep 22, 2018
Has anyone tried to use a NFS drive for their /mnt directory? I was curious because i wanted a way to have a very large /mnt directory without having to have a Virtual Disk. My thoughts, create a small 30G or so Ubuntu disk using a 2016 HyperV server. Export a large folder/drive as nfs from the 2016 server and mount it on the /mnt Directory. Install plex as usual. Any thoughts?


Oct 26, 2018
I tried this as I wanted to have a seperate processing drive for my downloads and the provider I am using (Netcup) does not provide an option for additional HDD's or SSD's on their servers only a storage NFS drive you can purchase as an addon.

so I bought a 500gb NFS drive and I created an NFS mount on /mnt and added it to my /etc/fstab, rebooted the box and it mounted and was working fine. Files would download and process on the NFS volume ok, HOWEVER what I did notice is that it brutalized my network traffic.

The Root server I am using is on a 1gbit link and it would often saturate the link with traffic when multiple downloads would be happening. Normally my download speeds in NZBget would range anywhere from 50-100MB/s+ on the internal HDD, but when I was using the NFS mount it dropped to 5-15MB/s. This was quite in drop in network performance and I have concerns that this will majorly effect my ability to stream 4k videos and support multiple streams going forward so I removed the mount and went back to just using the normal HDD again.

So in the end, will it work.... yes. But you may have to weigh the effects on the network traffic for your purposes and see if you think the advantages of using a NFS based storage are worth possibly crippling the network traffic of your box. For me it is more important to save my network traffic so I can stream high quality video without transcoding which requires as much bandwidth as possible and I can't really afford to have all my network used up by transferring and processing data to an NFS mount.


Jan 19, 2018
I use NFS to mount my Qnap shares directly to the mnt folder. I have Movies, Music, TV Movies4k mounted there and have Plex, Emby, Radarr, and Sonarr all connect to those NFS mounts

works great. I personally do not use google my servers are all local and my storage is a qnap NAS. with the recent changes in 8+ the /mnt file location is connected from Docker to the host so everything can see things easily.

my Movies are about 800 at 18TB have not had any performance issues

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