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Original poster
Apr 29, 2018

Some ISP block port forwarding or require you to pay additional money in order to have that service especially in South America.
While searching the internet, I found about It's a service that emulates a port forwarding service and works out of the box.
In my case, if I want to use that feature, I'll have to pay a lot more.
So ngrok solved my case and also the premium subscription is really cheap.

Basically you have to create an account (they have a free subscription, too! and it works great but it's limited), then you use an executable in Windows, Mac or Linux (I'm running it like a systemd service on Ubuntu Server).

If you guys like that idea, please specify on the Plexguide menu something like: "Ngrok - for those who can't use port forwarding".
Jan 4, 2019
Hi from Mexico.... im already trough cgnat, i tried to buy a ip external but its not an option.

i get ngrok, but i cant reach my server plex.

can you give me the commands?

i already use:

ngrok h t t p 32400

but i cant reach. Help pleas.... sorry my poor english.


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