[NOOB] Can't find the trakt.tv plugin

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12:24 AM
Jul 13, 2018
Hey there,
I just installed PG and Plex Media Server on a Hetzner server, after usbing Plex locally for years. I was trying to install the trakt.tv plugin onto this new PMS, but it isn't listed in the available plugins. Any ideas why?


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10:24 AM
Feb 2, 2018
You need to go through the unsupported app store.

So if you haven't already you need to install webtools, I believe it's been moved to the Plex Enhancement Tools on the plexguide menu in newer versions of plexguide.

Log in to webtools with your plex account at port :33400 (not sure if it has traefik?)

Select UAS (unsupported appstore)

Install plugins.

For multiple Trakt accounts / Plex users you will need to configure via the tool at



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11:24 PM
Jan 23, 2019
I'm having a similar issue. I've installed it from UAS however it doesn't seem to PULL my playstates from trakt for my TV shows. Works ok with Movies, but i've just had to reinstall and was trying to pull the history back.

I used to see it listed under Channels, so i could manually trigger an action, but now i only see it under the pluggins with no on-demand actions.

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