Discussion Noob mistake with metadata settings now hitting Error 403: The file limit for this shared drive has been exceeded. How to clean up?


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Dec 10, 2018
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I have corrected the library settings on Plex & Emby but now I have clean up all the unneeded files.

I found #MrDoob remover.sh that I will modify to get-rid of all the files I don't need

The partI am confused on how to do this without having to delete everything twice. once in the unionfs and the 2nd time in the TeamDrive trash. I found some references to a RClone command/setting to bypass the trash ( --drive-use-trash=false ) but have no idea on how to implement it.


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Mar 23, 2019
Since i recently ran into this problem myself, i freed up files by removing every file extension not needed. For instance .txt .html .url you get the grid. i used find for it you can add or remove extensions you wanna keep or not. 'Remove the -delete at the end to do a dryrun without deleting anything. this dryrun can be interrupted by pressing ctrl+c. You have to change the extensions and path values to your section needs different sections diefferent junk files audio for instance often has cue and m3u files. Running this command on the different sections of my tdrive gave me thousands of deletes. the command alone should be enough to have another month of tdrive usuage :D
find . -type f \( -iname '*sample*' -o -iname '*.nzb' -o -iname '*.txt' -o -iname '*.htm*' -o -iname '*.sfv' -o -iname '*.zip' -o -iname '*.rar' \) -delete
You should add the --drive use-trash false to the service files in /etc/systemd/system/*drive and *crypt.service

it follows a certain standard though so it should incorperate a "\" at the end of a line mine looks like this
--tpslimit=10 \
--user-agent="${uagent}" \
--drive-use-trash=false \
--dir-cache-time="${vfs_dct}" \
I was deleting the trash from before disabling the drive trash by hand in webinterface by going first into the teamdrive then clicking on trash just press CTRL+a to mark all files then press del on your keyboard this has to be repeated several times though this heavily depends on usage and how many files you have in your trash.
I hope this answer can get you started

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