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Original poster
Jan 24, 2019
Hi all - trying Plexguide out on a Hetzner VPS test machine before getting dedicated . idea is to connect to Gsuite. - never used Gsuite before. I have Radarr / sonarr etc all downloading lovely to /mnt/unionsf/moves/(filename) but they are not going anywhere after that. Nothing shows in unionfs/move/ and nothing is going to Gsuite. PG Clone was set up with PG Move and my google authentication etc. I can see my Gsuite folders in unionsf/ folder so assume its reading the API correctly. How do i start the move or is an automated thing? Thanks


Your files should not be downloading to /mnt/unionfs

What version did you install and what changes did you do?

You do not need to edit the download paths in the downloaders, those are auto set.

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