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Original poster
Feb 2, 2019
Hello all

Well, I was having an issue where my downloads in NZBGet would rapidly outpace the post processing, leaving a huge queue of files to be unpacked and filling up my SSD (I've only got about ~200 GBs for temporary storage). I was trying to figure out why the process was taking so long as Net Data was showing my computer basically doing nothing. Well, I did find that you can enable more than one unpack at a time in the settings menu (Settings -> Download Queue -> Post Strategy) and setting it accordingly. I had it on Aggressive for a while but Net Data still showed my system mostly asleep so I set it to Rocket! Now I'm able to download at the maximum rate I'm getting from a single news host (~70 MB/s) and keep up with the unpacking.

Just wanted to let ya'll know if some other new user is struggling to keep up like I am. The unpacking is very important to me because I'm running a two-drive setup where files are initially downloaded to an SSD but then unpacked to an HDD where they are then added to UnionFS and placed in the .../move folder. The HDD is 2 TB so it can handle a backlog while files wait for PG Blitz to do it's thing, but unpacking quickly is key!

Cheers all
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